SqlDBM Release Update – May 10, 2020

Excel Import and Snowflake Comments| Logical Relationships for Azure Synapse |  Cloud Data Warehouse Trial Version

The SqlDBM team is proud to announce the release of SqlDBM v.2.11 based on our roadmap/feedback for Snowflake and Synapse Data Warehouses.

In this release, our top features include:

Excel Import for DB Documentation in Snowflake and other DB Types

As SqlDBM is used more and more by data governance professionals and data teams across many organizations for Snowflake and Synapse Data Warehouses., we have delivered a new feature that enables users to import data dictionary comments to SqlDBM in an XLSX format and then sync it with your Database or Data Warehouse. 

Following are the screenshots showing how to utilize this feature:

DB Documentation in SqlDBM for Snowflake
DB Documentation in SqlDBM for Snowflake



Logical Relationship Lines for Azure Synapse

In spite of the fact that Foreign Key constraint is not supported in Synapse SQL pool, SqlDBM has released virtual relationship lines for Azure Synapse to ensure that our users have a visual understanding of how the data flows and  structured within their Data Warehouse. 

The following is on how “Synapse Relashionships” feature can be used:


Cloud Data Warehouse Trial Version

Due to the extreme popularity of SqlDBM among analytical and cloud data warehouse teams around the globe, we have enabled a 14 day trail period for all new users to try Business Plan features of SqlDBM such as Compare Revisions, DB Documentation, and Excel export/import functionality. 


This isn’t all we’ve done, we’ve also made a few minor tweaks to improve the overall experience with SqlDBM.

Please check out SqlDBM at https://sqldbm.com, let us know how we can improve SqlDBM to resolve your current issues related to database designing/modeling. Help us get the next update to SqlDBM in the best possible shape. Your feedback is important to securing a solid update release, and we greatly appreciate your assistance.