Recent features – Generate Alter | Compare | Convert Redshift to Snowflake | PNG Export

Generate Alter SQL | Compare Revisions | Convert Redshift to Snowflake | Export to PNG

At SqlDBM, one of our core beliefs that we really strive to infuse into everything we do, is to truly listen to our users’ requests and feedback. A significant percentage of our users expressed that they would want the ability to Generate Alter SQL Script, Compare Revisions, Convert Redshift to Snowflake DW and Export diagram to PNG. We listened and actualized that.

Generate Alter SQL Script 

SqlDBM provides the Alter Script functionality that helps incorporate the changes to the already existing Database/Data Warehouse design to fully complete development lifecycle. This is vital to ensure that your project can be easily kept up-to-date with your ever-evolving data model.

  • Generate Alter Script to modify objects in existing DB/DW
  • Select between SqlDBM revisions to apply Alter Script

NOTE: At this stage “Generate Alter Script” is only available for MS SqlServer and Snowflake. Soon we are going to add support for this feature for MySql, PostgreSQL and Redshift.

Following are screenshots on how “Generate Alter SQL” feature can be used and how the output looks like:


Compare Revisions 

Compare Revisions feature is a very important feature which allows SqlDBM users save time comparing and deploying database schemas. Find and fix errors, and create deployment scripts in minutes to compare changes within different revisions. Now, users can identify changes in tables and DDL scripts.  It also detects column discrepancies such as data type, nullability, constraints and defaults.

Following are immediate benefits from Compare Revision feature:

  • Identify differences between your SqlDBM revisions within seconds.
  • Eliminate mistakes migrating DB/DW changes from Dev, to QA, to Prod
  • Compare tables and DDL scripts.

Accessing “Compare Revisions” is very straight forward. Just click on bottom left button icon.


Convert Redshift to Snowflake

Project Conversion feature enables SqlDBM users to seamlessly convert one DB/DW type to another in a matter of a few clicks. Save hours of work from recreating DDL scripts while migrating from Redshift to Snowflake.

  • Redshift to Snowflake DDL Conversion
  • Easy and quick DB Type Migration


Support for Export Diagram

Export Diagram in printable, with this feature you can improve your productivity as you develop and model your Data Warehouse.

Accessing “Export Diagram” is very straight forward. Just click on top right button and then click download icon.


This feature is available for both dark as well as light theme.


This isn’t all we’ve done, we’ve also made a few minor tweaks to improve the overall experience with SqlDBM.

Please check out SqlDBM at, let us know how we can improve SqlDBM to resolve your current issues related to database designing/modeling. Help us get the next update to SqlDBM in the best possible shape. Your feedback is important to securing a solid update release, and we greatly appreciate your assistance.