Great New Feature – Light Theme!

Great New Feature – Light Theme!

 At SqlDBM, one of our core beliefs that we really do strive to infuse into everything we do, is to truly listen to our users’ requests and feedback. And one of the most asked-for changes stems from many of you not being too thrilled with the primarily dark-colored theme of the main dashboard. A significant percentage of our users expressed that they would want the ability to change the color and contrast theme on their main dashboard. For some it was the due to the contrast setting on your monitors. And for others it was simply that a dark theme is not a personal preference. And we listened!


With that, SqlDBM is very proud to present a great new feature – the Light Theme! With this feature you can quickly alter your background theme and dominant color from a primarily dark (black) to primarily light (white). We are sure this new contrasting theme will be a welcome change for those wanting a change from the hitherto mainly-dark visuals of their SqlDbm dashboard and improve your productivity as you develop and model your databases.


How to change to the new Light Theme

So how do you change to this new Light Theme? It’s blisteringly simple. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Main Menu icon at the top-left. It’s the blue-colored icon with the stylized ‘SqlDBM’ or ‘SqlDBM beta’.
  • This opens a drop-down menu below it. Under the ‘Project’ heading is a list of features. From this list, select Light Theme. That’s it. Also see the screenshot below.
  • Note that once you change to Light Theme, the next time you make this selection it will now say ‘Dark Theme’, to take you back to the default dark theme.



This New Theme – what does it look like?

We have included a few screenshots below to highlight the differences. But we suggest you test-drive the new theme yourself and see. Work with the new one for some time and see if you prefer it, or would like to go back to the default dark theme.

You will notice that in the new Light Theme, the background changes to white and most of the text lettering and icon outlines change to black (and vice versa for the Dark Theme). But some reserved keywords such as the column datatypes (‘nvarchar’, ‘decimal’, ‘int’) and the column names for Primary-key columns, do not change between themes. This will avoid any confusion and help to maintain the visual consistency of these important elements.


Screenshot – New Light Theme


Screenshot –  Default Dark Theme

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