SqlDBM – Quick Educational Tips – How To …

Create/Edit Tables

  • Click on table icon
  • Click on diagram to add table
  • Double-Click or Enter to edit table
  • To navigate in table editor use “Up/Down Arrow” or Tab keys
  • Click on table to select and access table details properties


Move/Copy/Re-Order or Sort Columns

  • Click to select column/s in the table on diagram and drag it wherever you want
  • Press ctrl key while dragging for Copy otherwise it move the columns

Create/Edit Relationships

  • Select either Non-identifying or identifying relationship from top menu, based on your requirement
  • Click on parent table and then on child table
    • This creates, relationship and add FK column in child table
  • Add RoleName to change Foreign Key Name

Delete Relationships/References

  • Click on Relationship line to Select, then press “Delete” key


  • Right Click Relationship line to see Delete option
  • Click Delete Relationship

Create self reference/relationship

  • Pick relationship item from Menu
  • Click on the same table twice to select Parent and Child table
  • Change Rolename of the relationship