SqlDBM is a Data Modeling Tool for Snowflake

SqlDBM and Snowflake announce strategic partnership to provide data modeling capabilities for Snowflake customers.

Carlsbad, CA – May 30, 2019  – SqlDBM (www.sqldbm.com), the Online Data Modeling Tool is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Snowflake, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, to design Snowflake data models and generate Snowflake based DDL scripts for tables, columns, relationships, schema properties, file format options, column constraints and more.

With SqlDBM and Snowflake, customers can create a brand new data warehouse from the ground up and export DDLs to Snowflake;  or they can modify an existing data warehouse by using Reverse Engineering feature of SqlDBM.

One of SqlDBM’s customers is RockYourData, the company is helping Canadian customers to migrate their legacy data warehouse platforms to Snowflake.

“Our consultants have decades of experience with Data Warehousing and they use data modeling techniques every day. Without data model design there is no way to deliver a proper analytics solution. Before SqlDBM, our engineering team was struggling to produce quality data models. SqlDBM was a game changer for us and for our customers. It helps move faster with DW design and implementation” says Dmitry Anoshin, RockYourData’s Data Engineering Lead.

Migrating to Snowflake

As a lot of companies are transitioning to Snowflake, SqlDBM’s Team Collaboration feature is especially important for Snowflake customers due to the fact that having a collaborative Data Modeling environment with internal BI/DW team and external consultants can significantly increase migration project productivity, deliverability, accessibility and transparency.

Consulting companies implementing Snowflake for their clients will be able to share data models and visualize Snowflake’s data warehouse. The Team Collaboration feature of SqlDBM allows users to work remotely with their team and other stakeholders on the same project. The feature also keeps a geographically dispersed team collaborating and always in sync. All this can be done online and by using any browser.

About SqlDBM:

SqlDBM is the first SaaS based data modeling tool for Snowflake. It is a Carlsbad, CA based company that provides graphical and intuitive interface for Data Modeling and Visualization. SqlDBM supports data modeling for Snowflake, SQL Server, PostgreSql and MySQL.

The main features of SqlDBM:

  • Reverse/Forward Engineering, No Credentials needed
  • Team Collaboration
  • Beautiful and Intuitive UI
  • Visual support for Snowflake features such as File Format, Data Retention and etc.
  • Inline editing of tables on the diagram
  • Zoom in/out diagrams
  • Versioning – Revision History
  • Create multiple Subject areas to cover different aspects of the business needs


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