SqlDBM Release Update – November 28, 2017

The SqlDBM team is proud to announce the release of SqlDBM v.1.2.42 based on our roadmap/feedback.

In this release, our top features include:

– SqlDBM now offers many more sign-up/sign-in channels

Social Signin Feature
Have you ever heard about “Password Fatigue”? Yes, we know that you use multiple password on every day basis, we know that you might find yourself with OneNote pages, Excel spreadsheets, and piles of sticky notes crammed full of assorted usernames and passwords. These login details range from being for frequent flier points to concert tickets to online applications. We want to help SqlDBM users to overcome this fatigue, and therefore, we have implemented a Social Login Feature, with which SqlDBM users will be able to access your Online Database project with SqlDBM safely and securely through your existing social media accounts. In Particular, SqlDBM offers the following channels to login:

Gmail  |  Facebook  |  LinkedIn  |  GitHub  |  Microsoft  |  Asana  |  VKontakte

– Enhanced user profile by adding “Display Name”

We have added “Display Name” in user profile. This is the name that would be used for any communication with the user.

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– Created separate “Features page”, for detail information

New Features page has been added which has way more detailed information.


– Fixed self reference display of the table in diagram

This isn’t all we’ve done, we’ve also made a few minor tweaks to improve the overall experience with SqlDBM.

Please check out SqlDBM at https://sqldbm.com, let us know how we can improve SqlDBM to resolve your current issues related to database designing/modeling. Help us get the next update to SqlDBM in the best possible shape. Your feedback is important to securing a solid update release, and we greatly appreciate your assistance.