To All SqlDBM Users

As we are entering 2020, we wanted to say thank you for being part of our community. With over 100 thousand users currently registered with SqlDBM, we’re humbled by the trust you place in us to help you build your Database & Data Warehouse projects.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to our mission of helping Database professionals succeed. With every improvement to SqlDBM, we aim to make data modeling easier so you can focus on building amazing solutions.

It’s been a productive year at SqlDBM. Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights from 2019:

⁃ Support for Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Redshift

⁃ Compare Revisions

⁃ Alter Script (Snowflake and MS SQL Server)

⁃ Redshift to Snowflake Conversion

⁃ Snowflake Strategic Partnership

⁃ Autolayout

⁃ Diagram Export

⁃ Table Color Indicator

⁃ Table/Index/Schema Search

⁃ Reverse Engineering Stats

⁃ Related Tables functionality

A short sneak peek of 2020 SqlDBM features

We have amazing things planned for 2020. Here are ONLY a few new items what we are currently working on.

⁃ Database Documentation

⁃ Team Communication

⁃ Enhanced Diagram Export

⁃ Alter Script (PostgreSQL and MySQL)

⁃ Azure DW support

⁃ Views and Stored Procedures

⁃ Snowflake Clustering Keys and Sequences

⁃ Seamless DB Connectivity

⁃ Superior UI Enhancements

And much much more coming to SqlDBM in 2020


This isn’t all what SqlDBM has to offer, check out SqlDBM at and let us know how we can improve SqlDBM to resolve your current questions related to database designing/modeling. Help us get the next update to SqlDBM in the best possible shape.Your feedback is important to us, and we greatly appreciate your assistance.

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