Support for MySQL is Finally Here!

Support for MySQL is Finally Here!

SqlDBM initially started out with inbuilt support for Microsoft’s SQL Server only.

But of course, due to large number of requests for MySQL support from our users, we have been working hard to expand our product.

And now, we are very proud to announce that SqlDBM offers support for MySQL – one of the most popular open-source databases in the world.

You can now model and design your MySQL database/s directly on SqlDBM . And of course, you can take advantage of and adapt SqlDBM  features into your MySQL database such as Subject Areas, Relationships, Diagrams, View Modes, etc.


How to create MySQL project using SqlDBM

Simple – at the point of creating a new project in SqlDBM, you will now get an additional prompt to select your new project in either SQL Server or MySQL. See screenshots below to illustrate this:


How to convert your project from MySQL to SQL Server and vice versa

SqlDBM also allows users to convert their project from MySQL to SQL Server and vice versa!

To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Projects -> Dashboard from the main menu (see screenshot below).
  • This opens up a list of all your projects.
  • Locate the project you want, and click to select the context menu next to it. The context menu is displayed as a set of 3 vertical dots next to the project name (see screenshot below).
  • From this menu, select the option ‘Copy to MySQL’ if your project is in SQL Server, or ‘Copy to SQL Server’ if your project is in MySQL.